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Track Your Expenses

With Expense Rabbit

Key features

Expense Rabbit streamlines daily expense tracking with its swift and effortless approach. Designed for speed, this app lets you record and categorize your everyday expenses in a flash.

Quick Capture-01.png
Quick Capture

Log expenses with minimal taps

Custom Categories-01.png
Custom Categories

Tailor your expense categories for personalized tracking.

Smart Time Frames-01.png
Smart Time Frames

Set preferred times for regular expense input

Location-Based Currency-01.png
Location-Based Currency

Records expenses in the local currency automatically

Export Options-01.png
Export Options

Generate PDF reports or download CSV files for easy sharing and analysis.

Quickly capture your expenses
Professionally scan your receipts
View all your expenses
Automate your categorization based on time
Professional pdf reports
06 (1).png
Export your report as a CSV file for flexible data manipulation in programs such as Excel, Numbers…
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